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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is happening and when?

We are temporarily redirecting some of our services to partner organizations for two weeks (Saturday, August 5−Saturday, August 19) for building improvements, implementing enhanced security measures, and engaging more individuals in the housing process. 


Our building has been functioning day-in, day-out for almost 18 years with only one major renovation.  To keep caring for our clients with dignity and respect, we are undertaking some loud, messy improvements that will impede some of our regular services for a short time, with the goal of creating a more streamlined, welcoming experience post-renovation.

The area has also seen an uptick in negative incidents (litter, loitering, and crime), which are challenging to address without unintentionally impacting our clients.  The Beacon is also liable for any harm and threats encountered at the facility, and furthermore, we cannot do our work if people do not feel safe.  So, during this period, we are partnering with the Coalition for the Homeless and SEARCH to engage more individuals in the housing process while HPD simultaneously ramps up patrolling. This coordinated effort will urge individuals to consider assistance and will identify the individuals who consistently refuse services or are taking advantage of those interested in receiving services.


These efforts are all part of the ongoing collaboration with the Downtown Management District, HPD, Healthcare for the Homeless-Houston, the Coalition for the Homeless, the Mayor’s Office for Homeless Initiatives, Christ Church Cathedral, SEARCH, and The Beacon and are not expected to eliminate all security concerns but rather will allow all parties to get their arms around the recent uptick.  The goal is to create a more welcoming, safe environment for those we serve.


What will the temporary re-direction accomplish?

  • Improve client experience. 

    • We will update plumbing, reconfigure client service areas, and improve infrastructure inside our building. 

    • This work will take less time and allow us to resume services faster if crews don’t have to work around our normal operations.

  • Improve public safety in and around our buildings AND engage more people in the housing process. 

    • Outreach teams will encourage more individuals to seek and accept services. 

    • HPD has committed extra personnel, so they work alongside the outreach teams, distinguishing vulnerable individuals from those who are not interested, are feigning interest, or are taking advantage of others.

    • This coordinated effort will complement both processes: outreach teams can focus on serving the individuals requesting services while HPD handles individuals causing disruptions or breaking local ordinances.

Who made these decisions?

The Beacon’s decision to temporarily divert services is supported by its many partners, including the Downtown Management District, HPD, Healthcare for the Homeless-Houston, the Coalition for the Homeless, the Mayor’s Office for Homeless Initiatives, Christ Church Cathedral and SEARCH.  All parties have contributed ideas and resources toward the end goal of creating a more welcoming environment for everyone in the area.

What services will be off-site & which services will continue?

During the two-week redirection of some services (Saturday, August 5−Saturday, August 19), the following will occur:

  • Meals/Mobile Showers @ LOTS: The Beacon will supplement the meal service at Lord of the Streets (3401 Fannin) Mon−Fri both weeks.  Meal distribution begins at 8:15 a.m. Mobile showers are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning at 7:30 a.m.

  • Meals/Mobile Showers @ St. Joseph’s: The Beacon will provide meals Mon-Fri both weeks beginning at 8:00 a.m. Moving Waters will host mobile showers on Tuesdays and Thursdays both weeks at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church (1505 Kane Street). 

  • Mail: can be picked up (with ID) Mon−Thu, August 7−10, 8am−12pm, at The Beacon’s Caroline gate entrance. Mail will resume normal schedule on Monday, August 21.

  • Housing:

    • Housing assessments will only be available by phone via the Coordinated Access Intake Line at 832-531-6041 (Mon−Fri, 9am−1pm)

    • Status checks will be available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays both weeks, 8am-12 noon, at The Beacon’s Caroline gate entrance.

  • Resuming Services: The Beacon’s Day Center will re-open and resume normal schedule and hours on Sunday, August 20.  All other essential services will resume on Monday, August 21. 

  • Unaffected Programs: Beacon Law, Brigid's Hope, and Navigation will not experience any changes or impact, except that any client meetings will be held off-site at a safe, public location.

What will be updated/renovated?

  • We will upgrade our 5 shower cabins, which have never been renovated. Since we opened in 2007, they have provided 250,000+ safe, dignified showers and private space for grooming.

  • Gutters and drainage around the building will be fixed by the Downtown Management District to eliminate standing water on the property.

  • We are reorienting our physical layout to create a more streamlined, convenient experience for clients.


Will anything change for clients once on-site services have resumed?

Our services will be enhanced by the improvements (the renovated shower areas and a new layout), so clients’ experience will be more streamlined, welcoming, and convenient for them.

How are you informing clients?

Final details are being honed, but once decided, we will communicate the plans to our clients via fliers, social media, and in-person conversations.  Our service partners will also inform clients.

How can clients get to the alternate locations?

The Project Access bus operated by Healthcare for the Homeless-Houston has a regular route from The Beacon directly to LOTS.  We expect clients will use METRO or go on-foot to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

Why are you doing this work in the summer?  How will clients escape the heat?

Clients can stay with us until 2pm each day, but they often choose to leave after lunchtime, which indicates that The Beacon is not their only option.  We are aware that our clients also find daytime respite at the Fonde Recreation Center and at the downtown library (library staff recently reaffirmed that all are welcome if they follow the code of conduct).

Running normal operations in a caring and safe manner is not feasible around open work sites.  Also, the work will take less time and allow us to resume services faster if crews don’t have to work around our staff, clients, and volunteers.

Are any security measures changing?

After HPD’s concentrated efforts during our renovation, we expect to resume normal security protocols to keep our clients, staff, and volunteers safe.  That said, The Beacon cannot serve our clients well if they feel policed, so we will continue to assess the situation.

Additionally, the Downtown Management District is establishing a storefront presence across the street from The Beacon to increase public safety and mental health outreach in partnership with The Harris Center.

How many people can you serve during this period?

We are prepared to serve the same number of people off-site as we normally serve on-site.

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