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Housing Services

The Beacon serves as a Coordinated Access hub, providing housing assessments for individuals experiencing homelessness and matching them to appropriate, supportive housing options. 


The organization also provides housing navigation services to bridge the challenges one faces when moving from the street into stable housing. 

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Coordinated Access Services:

  • Coordinated Access (CA) is a system-wide process to ensure all people experiencing homelessness have a fair and equal access to housing assistance based on strengths and needs.  

  • In person assessments four days a week

  • Status checks for people who are already assessed five days a week

  • 8-12 hours of assessments through the Coordinated Access Intake Line

  • Pre-navigation services to ensure people are navigation ready

Navigation services:

  • Support households that have been referred to housing program through the CA system

  • Provides intensive support through the leasing process 

  • Work closely with Navigation Center and other community agencies within The Way Home system

Recent Achievements

  • 1,402 housing assessments completed last year

  • 114 individuals and families were moved in to stable housing in partnership with other agencies

  • The Beacon plays a vital role in the joint City of Houston/Harris County Community COVID Housing Program (CCHP)


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