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Lives Changed

Nothing is more rewarding than witnessing the transformation of someone's life as they progress through the services that are available at The Beacon.

Below are just a few of the most recent success stories from people whom we have had the pleasure to work with, and who have seen their lives dramatically impacted.

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Mr. Blaine

Mr. Blaine was adopted as a child from the country of Liberia.  His name was later changed by his parents.  A victim of domestic violence, he was also impacted by opioid use disorder.  He made his way to Beacon Law after being homeless and obtaining rapid re-housing through The Way Home, a collective effort to end homelessness in Harris and surrounding counties. 

Mr. Blaine hoped to replace his permanent residency card, which is necessary to obtain a Texas Driver License.  He was also interested in clearing his criminal record to seek more productive employment and get back on his feet.

Obtaining replacement documentation of residency is often a complicated and lengthy process in the best of circumstances. Without an alien registration number, the application process can be delayed by several months.  Mr. Blaine did not have that number and having had his name changed as a child made the process that much more difficult.  The paralegal and attorney who worked on his matter spent a great deal of time and effort reaching out to Harris County employees to locate records and were eventually successful in obtaining documentation from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.  Not only is the application process difficult, but it can also be costly.  Beacon Law staff worked with Mr. Blaine’s case manager to obtain proof of his public housing assistance. This documentation was necessary to avoid the $545 application fee for the replacement card.  Mr. Blaine received his card much sooner than expected and was grateful for the help.

Mr. Blaine had three criminal charges in Harris County that had been dismissed and were eligible for expunction.  The Beacon Law team represented him in those matters, and he is now in a better position to seek employment and housing in the future.  Even dismissed charges can be a burden on individuals hoping to improve their work or living situation.  Obtaining expunctions or record sealing is invaluable to clients to stabilize after enduring any period of homelessness.


When Jeffrey came to The Beacon, he was recovering from a rough patch in his life and wanted desperately to go back to work. He was set to get a job as a stevedore at the Port of Houston, but a change in ID laws prevented him from renewing his driver's license.  Without any income or work, he found himself on the street, sleeping behind bushes in Houston’s museum district just south of downtown. 


"It was rough," Jeffrey confided. After going to agencies all over Houston and getting caught in what Jeffrey calls a "vicious cycle," he finally made his way to The Beacon and was connected with our Beacon Law program and began his ID restoration case.


We were able to bring justice to Jeffrey by restoring his identity, and he is now a proud homeowner and certified stevedore at the Port of Houston.

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Since graduating from Brigid’s Hope in 2020, Kelly has completed several certifications and advanced her career in recovery coaching. Today, she is a Peer Recovery Support Specialist with the UT Health / Houston Emergency Opioid Engagement System (HEROES) program which provides a pathway for individuals to achieve long term recovery from opioid use disorder.  As an overdose survivor who survived because of NARCAN, Kelly brings her lived experience to help guide people in their recovery.

“This is exactly what I need to be doing.  I’m right where I want to be,” she shared.  Kelly prides herself on helping people escape the nightmare of opioid addiction just like she did.

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