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A Way Out of Homelessness

The Beacon plays a vital role in the community-wide homeless response system known as The Way Home, changing the path for Houston’s homeless in collaboration with the Coalition for the Homeless and other partner agencies. 


Since 2014, The organization has proved itself to be a natural place of engagement for homeless individuals, connecting them to next-step services and permanent housing solutions via a Coordinated Access hub located on site.  

Changing the Path

The Beacon is one of more than 100 agencies working together to change the path for Houston's homeless by moving them off the streets through a coordinated system. The network of service providers is led by the Coalition for the Homeless and spans across Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery Counties.

We are committed to the shared goal of making homelessness brief, rare and nonrecurring and support the vision that everyone in our community has a safe place to call home. 


How We Measure Success

The Beacon assesses its work by tracking daily outputs across the various service areas.  Program leadership also tracks outcomes where appropriate and in accordance with the organization's goals.

The Beacon also participates in and reviews the results of the annual Point-in-Time Count every January to determine how our efforts are bearing out across the community-wide homeless response system.  For more information and the latest data, click below.

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You can become part of the solution today.

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